RIDE AROUND LĄDEK-ZDRÓJ AND SURROUNDING AREAS – the ride runs partly along the paths of local forests and partly around historical corners of Lądek-Zdrój (the area of the Wojciech Spa Swimming-Pool, the Spa Park and the Old Market Square). This ride can be also organized at night-time – option LĄDEK BY NIGHT. Time: about 1 hour.

TRIP TO THE CAVE AND WINERY IN RADOCHÓW – the trip programme includes a ride by cart to the village of Radochów, sightseeing of the Radochów Cave and a visit to the Winery in Radochów. In the winery, you can both buy and taste exquisite wines and order a board of snacks. We come back to Lądek-Zdrój by cart. Total time (with sightseeing of the Radochów Cave and depending on the time spent in the winery): about 3-4 hours.

TRIP TO THE RUINS OF KARPIEŃ CASTLE – a trip by cart combined with elements of trekking (at steeper uphills). The destination point of the trip are the ruins of Karpień Castle where a knight-robber named Hinko Kusiny used to live in the past. Now, at the very top of the hill, there are only ruins of the castle walls, being a great picnic spot. Time: about 3-4 hours.

OTHER trips – there is an option to plan the trip individually according to your preferences and have a picnic or a bonfire.

HORSE CART MINI MARATHON – for companies or organised groups – 9 persons at minimum – we have prepared a form of entertainment combining elements of riding with sport competition and great fun. Group members are divided into 3-person teams. Each team appoints the “driver” whose task is to drive the cart along a specially designed obstacle course as fast as possible. During the ride, other team members sitting in the cart take part in additional competitions such as archery, horse shoe throwing (it is almost impossible to do it while the cart is parked too far from the target point) or drinking bear for time. An attractive prize is waiting for the winners.

ABC of driving. Those who want to learn the sophisticated art of driving a horse cart are invited to lessons conducted by an experienced driver and a pretty pair of horses, Szlachcianka and Kasztelanka.

SLEIGH RIDES – in winter when the snow cover is deep enough, we recommend unforgettable sleigh rides with torches and hot wine.