Depending on your skills and individual expectations, we offer the following forms of horse leisure:

  1. For beginners or those who have not ridden a horse before (without medical contraindications to ride a horse):
    • Walk on horseback in a western saddle. The horse is walking along a route in the forest. Time: about 45 minutes
    • Lunge lessons. The classes take place in a safe, closed circle. The speed and direction are controlled with the lunge by the instructor. Time: about 30 minutes.
  2. For intermediate or advance learners (after prior verification of their riding skills by the instructor):
    • Ride around surrounding areas (English or western saddle) – a ride around surrounding forests at the gait adjusted to the rider’s skills, from touristic walking trot to dynamic gallop along mountainous paths. Time: about 1 hour
    • Trip around surrounding areas (English or western saddle) – after prior agreement of the route and date, we organize unforgettable horse trips to the nearest local attractions such as the Viewing Tower at the Borówkowa Mountain (at the top of the mountain there is a bar serving Czech beer, cool beverages and dinner courses), the Cave and Winery in Radochów (where you can taste and buy wine and have a board of snacks to wine), the Ruins of Karpień Castle where the knights-robbers used to live in the past, and many others…